The Discourse

Dear Reader, It would seem that discourse about that same old thing has circled around again. You know, the one where some black person or other person of color said something about the thing that you thought only you had the right to speak on and that no one can ever critique because how dare… Read more The Discourse

Pride Forever

This is the first time some kid or adult somewhere might find out where in the community they belong because people aren’t afraid to be all of it in the open unlike the rest of the year where federal law determines when, where, and to what extent we are allowed to even be counted as people let alone exist in peace.

Simping for Sailor Moon

My enjoyment of the transformations and powers aside, Sailor Moon changed how I felt about villains, heroes, and my view on animated media and the stories it could tell as a whole; suddenly, I had stories that had just as much depth and substance as the things that were “for the grown-ups”.

Creative Processes

While I, by and large, have those impostor syndrome feels pretty well under control, they do surface from time to time because of the assumption that being successful as a creative looks the same for everyone and has the same level of output. It doesn’t. Your success might not look like waking up at 6AM… Read more Creative Processes

Where Do We Go From Here

So it happened again that a company did the problematic thing. This week it was Twitch with problems ™. The fallout after the article went out was immediate and the comments, scathing. Among them, people were critical of people who would remain content creators on the platform. Others left and were understanding of those who… Read more Where Do We Go From Here

My First GenCon

I’d heard about GenCon for a couple of years thanks to new friends made while being in and on streams. Lots of nerdery and good times to be had. Comics, board games, tabletop games, and good times with friends. It seemed cool and something that I might try in that ever distant “one day”, but… Read more My First GenCon