Started with a Cartridge, Now We’re Here

It was 1988 and Nintendo was new. My grandmother had gotten me the new NES system with both a Super Mario/Duck Hunt combo cartridge and Legend of Zelda in gold foil.

That Mario game got played until the corners of the cartridge started to burn two years or so later.

From there, the world of games got more expansive. I played Sonic the Hedgehog and entered into some intense sibling rivalry. Super Mario world emerged blending the Mario concept with an RPG-styled adventure and I easily found myself diving into that game for years trying to find out where and what I had missed.

Years later, I would discover both anime and – more importantly – JRPGs and the joys that would bring me starting with – and continuing in – the Final Fantasy series including V, IX, X, and Tactics.

The love for games remains alive and well and inspired this spot to share my thoughts and ongoing journey through the world of games and gaming communities. Specifically sharing what I see and experience now and what shapes my ideas on what gaming is and could be.