MMO Management: Grinding for High Tier Gear

I think managing the grind-y parts of MMOs should be something you can add to a resume.

There are so many parts of managing them that feel like a full-time. In my case, FFXI. I thought about making an Ochain by going through the required trials since I had some of the materials in my inventory (another management saga) and thought I could offload things and get a bit of work done to making one of those upper echelon shields for the Paladin (PLD) class.

Aegis (Level 99) description.png

Look at the stats on this beautiful thing. I get this shield that gives damage reduction based on a larger shield size, but it operates like a shield that is significantly smaller. Translation: I will block more often, take less damage when I block, and take less damage from magic nukes. YASSS BISH!!!!

However, to get this, I have to go through the series of trials I just mentioned, fight hordes of monsters for a specific currency, kill boss monsters, and repeat. Most of this is solo because who helps people in MMOs anymore, amirite?

That’s the hardest part of being at the higher levels in an MMO. Most of what is left is super helpful for pimping out your job class, but it’s also grind-y as all get out. For example, these ergon weapons which require you to go a specific city and get max reputation in six coalitions:

Ochain (Level 99) description.png

Idris (Level 119 III) description.png

That said, the grind, if you can endure it, nets some worthwhile stuff that, when I acquire it, will surely be posted here because I have every intention of bragging about all of that baller gear when I get it.