Don’t Look At The Shadow: A Minecraft Tale

So it’s my second day playing Minecraft with my friends and the dawn was rising.  A long night of storms and zombies had passed without me dying from lightning and nearby zombies. I had journaled the journey and prepared to climb down for the roof and keep building until I noticed a shadow on the horizon.

Terror is not the word.

I asked my roommate what that was and she exclaimed, “DON’T LOOK AT IT!”


It’s eyes flashed a bright white and it came for me. I ran over hill and dale trying to escape this accursed creature, jumping into the water which I learned it would not come into.

It disappeared. Victory!

…or not. It had the ability to teleport and finally killed me. My journal was lost in the waters with no easy means of retrieval as I could not remember where in the vastness of the game it was.

I would later learn that this creature, fresh from the depths of hell, was called an Enderman. At the time of this writing, I am still mildly traumatized. Don’t look at them, I beseech you.