Using Cheat Codes

When I was a kid, I played a fair bit of video games and if you were into that at my age, you had to know the codes for things. Especially cheat codes that let you do things you shouldn’t.

I remember my first; I accidentally found a cheat code for the original Zelda game.

Since then, I’ve always had a healthy habit of breaking game rules and having a little fun by taking advantage of the game and doing things that shouldn’t be done.

I learned a debug code for Sonic that let me place game sprites in weird places and access secret levels. I put in codes for Earthworm Jim that let me have infinite bullets. I used codes for Starcraft that let me build faster and take no damage.

In short, I’m a little irreverent when it comes to games because they are, in fact, games and inherently not to be taken seriously.

Now, I’m working on getting a powerful sword in a game. My brother and I were speaking to each other and I told him of my adventure to which he says, “Hey, try this, dude!! It lets you get that sword in seconds. Have fun!!! ^_^”

Okay, I’m down.

I get home and decide to try it. It works after the glitch crashes the game a bit but it’s fun and now I can run around and attack with no real concern for the consequences. Now I can explore back floors and level and progress through the story with no thought to my dying. It’s a nice perk.

As a precaution, in case I wanted to revert, I have saved in a separate area so I can play the normal way and with the god weapons. I’m two steps from having the weapons as I planned to anyway and its a matter of hours. Literally.

At least, that’s what I thought. Some of my friends think differently and passionately so. In their eyes, it is utter sacrilege – moreso than porn, murder in the first degree, and white shoes after Labor Day – to play through a game with OP god weapons; they should be earned after much hard work and I shouldn’t spend so much time training my strength so as to be this broke in the first place.

I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m a bit dumbfounded at how seriously using a game glitch was taken. It was almost on the same level as personal offense.

I suppose that if I decide to do this in the future (and I will), that I’ll just have to keep it to myself because speaking of it is like committing high treason.

2 thoughts on “Using Cheat Codes

  1. I prefer to have a play through without cheats first… Then once I know I can beat the game, I usually choose to play through with various cheats

    1. I can agree there and I tend to do the same for the feeling of pure accomplishment. In some cases, I just make a separate save to mess around and be OP without progressing the story and spoiling myself. Quite the fun time.

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