2019, Act I

It’s been a few months since I’ve started writing here and with all of that, I have these reflections to share.


Yes. We. There were multiple milestones we blew by without me even being able to celebrate them all thanks to all of you.

Subs weren’t necessarily a large part of my immediate plans, but somehow, I even have a nice handful of those and I couldn’t be more thankful for all of this.

More than anything, all of you have helped me find my love of video games again and if I never get another thing, I will probably have to spend several years repaying all of you for that.

Now, let’s talk about the present and the person in it – namely me.


Most of you reading this already know about me because we hang out and play video games and listen to the most chill music on the interweb. On twitter, most of my time is spent talking about gaming, the gaming community, and social issues.

Those things will be a constant for streams, for discord, and just in general because I love games and I love people and people play games. I want things to be better and I want to use every bit of influence I can to make it so, whether that means I become a Twitch partner tomorrow or never.


Now we’re here in 2019 and there are 359 days for us to do all manner of good and fun things while making the world of gaming a little better somehow by our being there. Here’s what I have in mind:

  • Finishing my damn gaming backlog
  • Seriously, the backlog is ridic; I want you all to see me finish a game at some point
  • Creating content for youtube
  • Creating or joining a podcast
  • More writing for this site and other places on the web
  • More D&D streams
  • Focusing on the RPG and the Metroidvania genres of games with the occasional dip into roguelike/roguelite games
  • More art (the next post here will have some samples!)
  • More things for the Discord people (mostly finishing RWBY)
  • Creating a content schedule
  • [Things I am too nervous to openly express as an ambition right now]

All of this to say: we’re sharpening the content down to a point and going hard with it so we know what to expect other than my excessive chill during streams and excellent musical taste (I’m so humble…)

Let’s collab. Let’s win the games. Let’s have fun. Let’s love each other.

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