2019, Act II

It’s been a bit since my last address, so I believe it is time for an update, people of Mori. Let’s do this.


Again: We. Here’s how that’s going.


We also mentioned some goals last time. Of those, we:

  • Creating or joining a podcast
  • More writing for this site and other places on the web
  • More D&D streams
  • Focusing on the RPG and the Metroidvania genres of games with the occasional dip into roguelike/roguelite games
  • More art (the next post here will have some samples!)
  • Creating a content schedule

We’ve also managed to raise a lot of money for really awesome causes like St. Jude and the Lupus foundation of America for which you all had me out here blindfolded and playing Mario.

As we know, I’m on a stream team called TheCookout. You can find out about them on their website. I’ve spent a fair chunk of time with them doing various things such as the LGBTQIA+ stream week and their D&D 101 series. There are another two planned and who knows what good will come of that?

Then there’s my recent beginning of a new Dark Matter game with the Goldhart Gaming Group are a Vect bard. It’s a heavy roleplay group and we’ve already had an incident with a bar, but we’ll discuss that at a later time.

Overall, all the collab is happening and there was even a wee makeover of the stream looks and schedule.

There’s also the matter of these Project PBR folk. I’m working on their website and with that a more easily shareable piece on who they are and what they do. In the meanwhile, I am working with them on content and social media. So feel free to say hello to them and tell them I sent you.

Finally, while subs have not been a focus for me, I do what those other emote slots, so I guess we’re gonna have to make that happen somehow. I do believe the anniversary of the Twitch channel is just around the corner. That means shenanigans are in order.


There are 174 days for us to do all manner of good and fun things while making the world of gaming a little better somehow by our being there. Here’s what I have in mind:

  • Finishing my damn gaming backlog
  • Seriously, the backlog is ridic; I want you all to see me finish a game at some point
  • Creating content for youtube
  • More writing for this site and other places on the web
  • More D&D streams
  • More things for the Discord people (mostly finishing RWBY)
  • [Things I am too nervous to openly express as an ambition right now]

So that’s the state of things at present. I’m having fun and I’m glad you’re all here along with me.