I See You: An Open Letter to Mori

In the last few weeks, we’ve passed Suicide Awareness week, National Mental Health Awareness day, and now National Coming Out day.

With so many of these things being connected to what my heart beats for, I write this to the Teahouse and the people who are in it and yet to be: I see you.

When you tell me that you are they: I see you.

When you are being sassy and spicy in chat because you live in a world that hates you and my stream may be one of the few places where you feel heard and understood: I see you.

When you don’t have the spoons to deal with people, but you choose to spend them with me: I see you.

When you take the last bit of your energy from dealing with a real shitty world and give that to me in the many ways that you do: I see you.

I see you and I love you and I care for and about you. We’re in a rough time. Gaming companies are silencing people for wanting freedoms of their own, so we basically threw half of our gaming libraries away. Everything down to a choice of the food we want to snack on is overshadowed with some moral quandary or another. We just want to live, but we can’t and when we speak on it, the response is, “Why can’t you be less political about everything?” The list is endless.

It sucks.

BUT we have each other and for that, on more than one occasion, I continue to find myself grateful. I hope you feel safe here. I hope you continue to feel safe and free, if only for a moment, here. I hope you feel seen and not ashamed in being so.

With love and courage,