Twitch and Terrible Things

I’m listening to soft piano on a Friday and thinking about the last week and change in terms of gaming and the streaming platform we’ve committed to hanging out in for now.

Last night, this person joined the platform and within an hour had 30K follows. I think of the many times I’ve talked about not mincing words with people who are racist/sexist/etc and how being overly friendly with them never lands us in good places.

Actually, fuck that last one. I want to fight. Some way, somehow.

Now we’re here and decidedly less safe since, as we have learned over the last 3 years, anywhere this man exists emboldens virulent racists, sexists, and Nazis.

What do I even do with the platform now? Do I try to create and cultivate the space I’m trying to make on a platform that has shown time and again that it doesn’t have that same goal in mind? Do I swap to another platform which is just as terrible, but in a different direction? Do I give into despair and just stop streaming for a while?

Actually, fuck that last one. I want to fight. Some way, somehow. You’re all worth it and so am I, so we’ll just fight until our last and if I bleed a bit or a lot, then the people that hold me and that I hold space for made it worth my time.

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