About 2020: An Open Letter to Mori

It’s the beginning of 2019 and I’m writing a letter about what I’d like to do. In fact, there was a follow-up letter. Let’s reflect on the year since that time.

The year was eventful:

  • I finished my first game with the Goldhart crew. You can watch it here.
  • I was part of – and eventually led – a podcast series on the basics of D&D concepts. Here’s one of the episodes.
  • It led to a one-shot. You can watch that here.
  • Thanks to everyone’s rabid enthusiasm, a community manager gave us a stream key to share the joy of Monster Prom (Perpetual Noob is out there romancing Polly right now, I’m sure).
  • We did charity things that mean I had to play Super Mario blindfolded and now have to engage a 24-hour stream.
  • Twenty-four whole hours.
  • God, what have I done?!

I think there’s a theme here…

There were other things happening in the meanwhile in the world around the teahouse. I got loud about things, job changes, getting an instrument for Christmas, being a mod, working on being a better visual designer, being asked to PAX U by MageHandPress…

Some things worked and other things didn’t. In fact, a lot of things didn’t. In many ways, 2019 made quite clear:

  1. What things were giving to me what I gave to them.
  2. What things were not giving to me what I gave to them.
  3. Encouragement and help appears when least expected.

This last one is especially true. I’ve made more connections in the world of tabletop RPGs than I expected to by far and the same is true of the world of design. These connections have kept me warm in a cold world and I don’t have the words for how grateful I am for those even as I type.

Thank you all for everything. To the tabletop folks and to Goldhart, thank you for believing that I have stories worth telling, characters worth bringing to life, worlds worth setting into motion. I’m going to make you proud this year.

Now about 2020

Where do we go from here? We finally made that content calendar. Monster Prom on Monday with the courtiers, Two-Player Tuesdays with Bunnie, one-shots and campaigns to write including one for IRL folks because y’all have me out here thinking I can be a good DM.

I’m going to sharpen and polish what 2019 left me with and I hope you’ll stick around while I do it. Here’s that list, I guess:

  • The year of Platinum in League of Legends (we got gold last season!)
  • Sigh… I got new games and everything, but the backlog I guess >_>
  • Romancing the Narrator in Monster Prom.
  • Letting people know I have a youtube that exists and exporting content there regularly.

If my life is indicative of anything, it will be that this whole thing will be a wild ride and I’d love to have you all along having fun, knowing that you’re safe and loved here, and being a hot mess.

Let’s get it!