Community Guidelines

Hello and welcome to the Teahouse in Mori! My name is Synxiec and I’m glad you’re here. The content you’ll find here includes sass, a dash of shade, a lot of real talk about all sorts of things. The community you’ll find has people from all over and these guidelines are explicitly for the purpose of protecting everyone here. To that end, these guidelines will grow and evolve with the community and its membership.


These community guidelines are designed to include Twitch and Discord, but will include other places the community lives. Any member of the community will be required to abide by these guidelines.

This is a place where we are going to learn to do better. People in this space come from a mix of backgrounds, experiences, and identities of all kinds and we treat these things with care and respect. Learning to respect each other means taking the time and making the effort to learn how to better care for each other. 


We respect and use people’s pronouns when they are shared. We think carefully about the memes we share and the jokes we tell. If something we share could be an issue for others because of traumas or other issues, we use spoiler tags where possible and content warnings. 

We are mindful of where we post things, making sure to place everything in its appropriate channel or asking where we aren’t sure. We keep content in their appropriate channels so that people can opt-in to the conversations they want especially if the conversation is on heavy social or political topics.


We do not do ableism, sexism, racism, or LGBTQIA+ phobic comments/content shares for any reason. That includes “jokes” or “memes”. We don’t do body-shaming or sex-shaming. We absolutely do not make sexual comments toward anyone without their express consent and where that consent was given, we stop immediately if it is ever withdrawn without hesitation, full stop.

If someone in the community points out that something you have said falls into one of these categories, listen and resist the urge to become defensive. Open your browser and find your way to Google. Ask questions where something is unclear. It’s going to be a messy process and that’s okay. We can learn from those. That’s how spaces become safer and stay that way. What’s not okay is refusing to learn how to not harm others with our words and actions.


In Discord, reach out to myself or one of the mods and let them know what your pronouns are. That will get you access to all of the tea and other sundries. As always, make sure to read descriptions for channels before posting.


Grooming, coercion, sexual assault, emotional abuse, intentional misgendering or deadnaming, promotion of harmful ideologies, posting pictures of people without their consent, intentional triggering people by posting traumatic content – spoiler tagged or not – or making people uncomfortable and refusing to correct that behavior once you are made aware of it, will ensure an immediate and permanent ban from this community in all of its forms.

There are zero reasons in this space to make anyone feel uncomfortable or unsafe.