A Word on WotC

This entry is going to be heavy in stream-of-consciousness writing. I will try as hard as I can to get keep this readable. The recent revelations of long-standing issues and their impact at Wizards have left us all a bit of a wreck. Partly because we treat companies like people but also because of nostalgia… Read more A Word on WotC

2019, Act II

It’s been a bit since my last address, so I believe it is time for an update, people of Mori. Let’s do this. WHAT WE DID Again: We. Here’s how that’s going. 100 followers 250 followers 300 followers 400 followers We also mentioned some goals last time. Of those, we: Creating or joining a podcast… Read more 2019, Act II

2019, Act I

It’s been a few months since I’ve started writing here and with all of that, I have these reflections to share. WHAT WE DID Yes. We. There were multiple milestones we blew by without me even being able to celebrate them all thanks to all of you. 100 follows 250 follows 300 follows Joining my… Read more 2019, Act I