Of Laws & Morals

When it comes to the concept of alignment in D&D, there’s quite a bit of contention. Specifically about whether the system is good or useful for describing characters in the world. Let’s have a wee bit of review of what that chart generally looks like: This grid was created with the intent of describing the… Read more Of Laws & Morals

Of Faith & Deity

So one day I wrote: As a follow-up to: Because: A Word on Archetype Dungeons and Dragons is fantasy in a medieval time period as a default setting. There are others, but this is the general world this is set in. This same setting would also have included the times that things like the crusades… Read more Of Faith & Deity

Good Kobold Bois

My musings on the lore of tabletop games have led me to yet another tweet and related discourse when it comes to kobolds. According to the lore of Dungeons and Dragons, kobolds are… well, let’s have a look… I’ll start here: racial monoliths are trash. I’ve mentioned this before and I will continue to as… Read more Good Kobold Bois