2019, Act II

It’s been a bit since my last address, so I believe it is time for an update, people of Mori. Let’s do this. WHAT WE DID Again: We. Here’s how that’s going. 100 followers 250 followers 300 followers 400 followers We also mentioned some goals last time. Of those, we: Creating or joining a podcast… Read more 2019, Act II

Realization and Release

Jay and I have been friends and so we’ve spent a long time chatting about this and that. On this particular day, my destination is Atlanta. On my way there, I see a police officer behind me. My hands become clammy, and I break into a cold sweat. I explain these sensations and Jay feels… Read more Realization and Release

The Haus of Hall

By this, we mean Todrick Hall who dropped this song along with an entire album called Haus Party, Pt. 1. This beat is fierce and invokes all of the LGBT+ vogue realness from which this Haus music genre arose. Get your best duck walking shoes and your best vogue moves; you’ll need them if you’re… Read more The Haus of Hall

All Throwback

This song came to mind one day as I spoke with a friend. Even today, I found myself lost in the tune. The story here is timeless; two people drifting apart in love as life and its circumstances wear on them until there is a hurtful comment, spoken casually, prompting the woman there to speak… Read more All Throwback

OHAH Episode 26

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS SESSION.¬†After a surprising suggestion here, we worked through one more session of the campaign before going on hiatus until September 13th. This session begins an interesting arc in which our party has to choose between going to Hades or going to Shangri-la sans one character. REFLECTION We start at the mountain pass and… Read more OHAH Episode 26


As I am doing charity streams this week, this song couldn’t be more on time. I think of the people wishing they had the amount of currency they are being asked for this month for so many things and this song and its proceeds being used for charity is perfect. Check the video out and… Read more Money