DIY Guide to Platform and Infrastructure

If we’re gonna advocate for “do it on your/our own”, then we need to advocate for the levels of tech literacy required to create and maintain the structure. I’m not seeing this part of the conversation where you have to get into the weeds of this and build it from scratch and the year(s) it will take to test it, refine it, soft launch it, take it to market… ya know, own it. So let’s talk about what that looks like.

Watch Your Tone

Where and for what reason is this energy being spent talking about anything but dismantling that shit instead of how you, specifically, don’t benefit from it?

Review: Kraken Academy

TL;DR: There’s a lot to like about this game, but it is harmful to far too many people for me to recommend it to anyone and it is a certainty that it is too far into production to fix it assuming the writers even feel this is a problem in the first place.

F*cking Indies

If we’re not expanding the spectrum of games people can play and bettering the conditions under which they are made while we are at it – then let me ask: what the fuck are we doing here? Like there’s no discourse to be had here. Just play what you like and be quiet in a corner somewhere.

Pride Forever

This is the first time some kid or adult somewhere might find out where in the community they belong because people aren’t afraid to be all of it in the open unlike the rest of the year where federal law determines when, where, and to what extent we are allowed to even be counted as people let alone exist in peace.

Simping for Sailor Moon

My enjoyment of the transformations and powers aside, Sailor Moon changed how I felt about villains, heroes, and my view on animated media and the stories it could tell as a whole; suddenly, I had stories that had just as much depth and substance as the things that were “for the grown-ups”.

Where Do We Go From Here

So it happened again that a company did the problematic thing. This week it was Twitch with problems ™. The fallout after the article went out was immediate and the comments, scathing. Among them, people were critical of people who would remain content creators on the platform. Others left and were understanding of those who… Read more Where Do We Go From Here