The Discourse

Dear Reader, It would seem that discourse about that same old thing has circled around again. You know, the one where some black person or other person of color said something about the thing that you thought only you had the right to speak on and that no one can ever critique because how dare… Read more The Discourse

This Isn’t Activism

It’s easy to let social media warp our RTs, posts, and such into something much bigger than they are, but if we’re going to call ourselves activists or advocates, that should be a choice we actively make, not something that that gets ascribed to us without our consent because we RT’d something from LilNasX.

Before the Fall

The last time we were here, we didn’t speak openly and honestly until it was too late and people were deeply involved… and deeply hurt. I want to give these words to anyone who reads in an effort to avoid that. Let’s take a close look together on main and get into the mess of this on main and move forward in truth before the next spectacle and subsequent attempts to profit on our pain come around.

DIY Guide to Platform and Infrastructure

If we’re gonna advocate for “do it on your/our own”, then we need to advocate for the levels of tech literacy required to create and maintain the structure. I’m not seeing this part of the conversation where you have to get into the weeds of this and build it from scratch and the year(s) it will take to test it, refine it, soft launch it, take it to market… ya know, own it. So let’s talk about what that looks like.

Watch Your Tone

Where and for what reason is this energy being spent talking about anything but dismantling that shit instead of how you, specifically, don’t benefit from it?

F*cking Indies

At least this is the sentiment I see on my twitter too often to count at this point.  Let me open with this question: can we retire this discourse forever? It hasn’t moved a single inch in years and every iteration of it is exhausting – “it” being the discourse which is usually simplified to:… Read more F*cking Indies

Pride Forever

This is the first time some kid or adult somewhere might find out where in the community they belong because people aren’t afraid to be all of it in the open unlike the rest of the year where federal law determines when, where, and to what extent we are allowed to even be counted as people let alone exist in peace.

Simping for Sailor Moon

My enjoyment of the transformations and powers aside, Sailor Moon changed how I felt about villains, heroes, and my view on animated media and the stories it could tell as a whole; suddenly, I had stories that had just as much depth and substance as the things that were “for the grown-ups”.

Creative Processes

While I, by and large, have those impostor syndrome feels pretty well under control, they do surface from time to time because of the assumption that being successful as a creative looks the same for everyone and has the same level of output. It doesn’t. Your success might not look like waking up at 6AM… Read more Creative Processes