Morals vs. Mobility

In light of everything that’s happening with Blizzard and their decision to silence free speech, I think a conversation is overdue about the concept of mobility and morals and the precedent we face. Anyone who has ever wanted to progress into sponsorship with a brand – regardless of the sphere – usually has a tacit… Read more Morals vs. Mobility

2019, Act II

It’s been a bit since my last address, so I believe it is time for an update, people of Mori. Let’s do this. WHAT WE DID Again: We. Here’s how that’s going. 100 followers 250 followers 300 followers 400 followers We also mentioned some goals last time. Of those, we: Creating or joining a podcast… Read more 2019, Act II

Realization and Release

Jay and I have been friends and so we’ve spent a long time chatting about this and that. On this particular day, my destination is Atlanta. On my way there, I see a police officer behind me. My hands become clammy, and I break into a cold sweat. I explain these sensations and Jay feels… Read more Realization and Release