Content Creator Drama

Dear Everyone,

Hi. We have an issue we need to discuss with content creators and moments where they make content that is controversial to the point of disrespect and/or exposing people to potential trauma.

I get that most of you would prefer to be removed from the situation and/or ignore the person; if you ignore a person whose job revolves around the amount of attention we give them, then you hurt them and maybe they will think twice before doing awful and hurtful things. Right?

No. Actually, no.

We only have to go back a year to see how that plays out, so I’m going to have to ask you to actively speak out on the issues involved because ignoring things, contrary to our beliefs, doesn’t make things go away.

We can learn this lesson from things like sleep deprivation, bills payments, health, harmful additions, and so on; we do not conquer demons against which we do not take up arms.

Ignoring and letting fade just ceases to be a solution after a certain level of popularity and scale. If I were one hateful person, you can ignore me. If I command the attention of millions, ignoring me is dangerous because that attention doesn’t erode.

Let me say that again: that attention does not erode.

In an age in which blind “stanning” is common, if you don’t speak out against awful things, then the audience will simply ride on through and not hold the creator accountable.

While those of us outside of their influence will see how awful it is and react appropriately and while some on the outer edges of his influence might step out, most of those people will stay right there.

“OK, but they are awful so screw those people.”

How long are we going to do that?

“What does it matter? The person who makes this stuff doesn’t care and they are getting views from you drawing more attention to them.”

How long are we going to forsake our responsibilities as agents of change in the world?

I get the whole vibe of distancing ourselves from overwhelming amounts of toxicity and unneeded negativity, but for those of us who wield power via influence, at some point, it is on you to speak up if to say nothing more than “this is unacceptable and I expect better from my peers. I expect better from my community”.

It’s the same as politics and social issues in 2017 and beyond. The responsibility doesn’t stop. The need to be vigilant doesn’t stop. The need to work to undermine, uproot, and usurp poisonous people in every area of influence with everything we have doesn’t stop.

There’s no easy solution to any of this at all; if we ignore them, they stay and if we fight them they may not even move. I’m not calling on you to do more than you can do as one person or 100 people, but I am asking everyone to do what they can.

And what you can do is try.

You can speak out. You can redirect people to resources. You can get on discord and foster these conversations about this. You can take time on your stream or your video this week or your blog this month and send a message about this.

This is me trying. This is me also hoping that you’ll hear the small voice I do have, yelling at the top of my lungs, that there is better than this and hoping you’ll help me build it.

I love you all,


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