Pokemon Go Away OR Let People Enjoy Things

Since there seems to be the general practice of offering unsolicited opinions about everything everyone else is doing: shut up forever about anything related to [Pokemon GO].

Allow me to break this down for you: If you’ve posted or shared a post related to football, baseball, baskbetball, movie, or TV series, you have no room to talk.

In the five minutes it took for you to post all of your needless hate and vitriol, you could have just hit the [mute] button that says “Please don’t show me anything about pokemon GO”, but no. Not you. You felt the need to let the whole world know that you hate one game that you aren’t playing and make character judgments on everyone that enjoys the game in the process.

Meanwhile, in areas that aren’t your own backyard, I see people going out who never go out and people who are [connecting] in a nation plagued with stupid divisions over a simple game that, unlike the news, actually doesn’t care about your color (except for red, yellow, or blue).

Additionally, for every single “Grow up!” or “Why are you playing this kid’s game?” let me remind you that adulthood means I can do things that I enjoy and if that is a game, then so be it. Let me also remind you that there are people I am in contact with that run multi-million dollar companies, some with global operations, that play a game.

Point is: games – like other things – are not criteria you can make a judgment on. Especially maturity.

So in closing: let’s not and just don’t. Chronological snobbery and being a jerk is still not cool.