Spoiler Alert

To be very clear: this is a rant. Let’s start with the context. You are a fan of a series and are rightfully excited about its next episode of silver screen iteration. Fantastic. I’m happy with you. In your enthusiasm to speak on your experience, you  have taken to the online world of social media to… Read more Spoiler Alert

2019, Act I

It’s been a few months since I’ve started writing here and with all of that, I have these reflections to share. WHAT WE DID Yes. We. There were multiple milestones we blew by without me even being able to celebrate them all thanks to all of you. 100 follows 250 follows 300 follows Joining my… Read more 2019, Act I


I figured it was time to write this article when a casual comment on religious people rendered me unable to speak for two hours. While I recovered, I took the time to think about a few things that have caused me major friction in the communities I navigate as a black, religious man. BLACK I… Read more BMNR

Cartoons and I

In my younger years, a majority of my time was spent running around outside so that my parents and grandparents could have a moment of peace from me climbing all over the place until I discovered cartoons. 5:30AM on a Saturday would find me glued to the screen and un-moving for almost a decade. I… Read more Cartoons and I