Open Letter to a Golden Stag

Hi, Goldhart! I was recruited to one of a few games you run by Glossandgadgets. This particular one being a Dark Matter game run by Sam. This would be his first game as a DM and that is dear to my heart for a few reasons.

You welcomed me in with card games and a good discussion on what you expected from all of us in the game. I’ll be honest here: I am actively taking notes on every single thing we’ve done because I have enjoyed how it feels.

The inside joke game is on point.

We spent weeks just chatting about ourselves and our lives. The good days, the not-good days. In sum, you made sure that before we were players, we were friends. You were willing to let people go if they didn’t want to form that bond of caring.

So the weeks went by before playing. A bit of business for artwork, layouts, rendering, backstories, making sure the setups were in place so that the sessions ran smoothly, but among all of that? Checking in. Encouragement. Laughter. Inside jokes of all kinds.

It was something I came to look forward to after a while and it is bringing a smile to my face as I type.

When we had our first session, I was delighted. It was the extension of something we had already had going on for a while. I was happy to be there, laughing, testing equipment, waiting to see who would crack a shenanigan here or there. It was magic. We were magic.

After session, my mind was alive with things. We talked. We asked questions. I thought about ways to make bonds stronger between the characters and that was reciprocated. The best part? Talking to each other and caring for us was normal practice. Our next session is in two days. I can’t wait.

Thank you, Goldhart, for being a wonderful spotlight on things I’ve missed in player group dynamics for so long in tabletop games. Thank you, MageHandPress for the system we are about to build these memories on.

Here’s to staying in trouble and on fire, all while in space.