Dear Mori, We Did That

So last week we were on the front page of Twitch (you can watch some highlights and catch a solid tune here) and I also came up in a commercial for Pride.

Like… y’all. This is a thing that’s happened and on top of that, I’m going to have to dress as a dragon because of everyone coming together and sharing your dollars with the Bail Project.

Thank you.

A special thank you to people like Pleasantlytwstd, Anoriand, ItsLittany, and Perpetual_Noob, and J0hnj0hnn for helping to moderate that day.

Last year, for TWLOHA, I set a goal of $250 and this year after seeing people do some real inspiring shit, I felt like I had to just try and see what happened. I was concerned about people and finances and things, but at the same time I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to let people have the opportunity to show up if you want them to.

We hit four times that goal in three hours and just…

Me, looking at that bar and these boxes of beans

There wasn’t just me doing that. That was the community, the friends I’ve made along this whole streaming thing, and the people of Rainbow Arcade who allowed me to be a part of their team leading to moments like this one.

That’s also people like Leoni and the lovely people of Goldhart who welcomed me and folks like Linux, Teelia, and all of the Cookout who invite me and welcome me and value my voice.

I’m pretty rad, but I’m nowhere near as rad without the rest of the folks behind and alongside me who have listened and encouraged me when I needed it or just led the way by example.

Now let me check these DMs and get back to my tea because you know there is always some, but thank you, each and every one, for everything up ’till now.